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How to Maintain Hygiene in a School Environment

Maintaining a high level of hygiene is incredibly important in schools, healthcare environments, and within the business grounds is incredibly important for the safety, general health, and wellbeing of your students or staff.

At CS4 UK, we specialise in making sure that your institution is as clean as possible, while keeping in mind the health and safety standards, so here’s how you can maintain hygiene in your school. Read more

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3 Essential Industrial and Commercial Cleaning and Maintenance Products

It doesn’t matter what industry you are in, keeping clean is essential for staying healthy and happy in the workplace. Schools, factories, warehouses – they all require some form of cleaning regimen to make them safe to work in, and this often comes hand in hand with a maintenance routine, too.

In order to be able to clean an environment well enough to help stop the spread of illness and disease, as well as keep it safe, you need to invest in cleaning and maintenance supplies that you know will work.

Being specialists in this area, we know three items that you are definitely going to want to have to hand to help you keep your workplace clean!

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The Importance of Waste Disposal Products

Hygiene is one of the most important things that should be maintained and strictly controlled within any educational setting. In schools, it must be treated as a priority, as it can affect the children that have weaker immune systems, as well as the staff.

Having a clean and efficient waste disposal process can maintain the high levels of hygiene required within a school, but there are also some other important aspects to having an effective system of waste disposal

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Hard Hat Safety

What Are the Advantages of Personal Protective Clothing?

Personal Protective Equipment, or PPE, refers to any clothing and work related accessories that protect employees from harmful situations while at work. This equipment can be high visibility clothing, eye protection, and other items that ensure the employees don’t suffer any injuries while dealing with damaging substances.

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Essential School Catering Supplies That You Need

Catering supplies are incredibly important in maintaining a clean kitchen or cooking environment, as well as being useful items to have around. However, there are a few school catering supplies that you always need to have to hand to ensure that the students and all who work within the school are happy, clean and healthy.

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Importance of Proper Handwashing Techniques

Infectious diseases can spread quickly, particularly when hands aren’t properly washed. We’ve all been told how important it is to wash our hands, particularly after using the bathroom, but many of us have seen someone leave the bathroom without washing their hands. Teaching children how to properly wash their hands from a young age is essential.

High-quality washroom supplies are needed to guarantee that washrooms are kept tidy and hygienic. Having a clean washroom space is known to help productivity and to boost people’s mood, which is why reliable supplies are necessary.

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Why Is It Important to Use Industrial Cleaning Supplies?

Keeping a clean bathroom is an absolute must. If a bathroom, whether that be in your own home or toilets in the education and health sector, isn’t maintained on a regular basis, there could be some serious consequences.

At home, we are used to products such as Flash or general cleaning products that cut down on grime and muck, but why is it so important to use industrial cleaning supplies in public sectors?

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Microfibre Flat Mopping: What It Is and Why You Should Be Using It

To many people, a mop is a mop; it’s essentially a utensil that cleans the floor when dipped in water, right?

However, as a janitor, you will need to have a full set of different mops and cleaning products within your arsenal to tackle any dirt and grime that you come across. One such mop that many new janitors forget about is the microfibre flat mop, which should be considered an essential in any janitors cleaning collection.

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Ways to Stop Toilet Paper Theft

Some of you may remember when toilet roll was printed on in the endeavour to discourage people from taking it home for personal use. In the past, councils were known to print the words “council property” in order to try and deter thieves from taking janitor’s stores by making them more corporate and obvious that they weren’t intended for home use.
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The Importance of Deep Cleaning Carpets and Floors

As a rule, you should never leave it too long in between deep cleaning your carpets and floors. If you do you could experience long-term damage to your floors – not to mention a chance of putting your own health at risk, too.

There are many benefits of consulting a company like us here at CS4 UK, who specialise in supplying all the products you need for deep cleans. Here are just four reasons why it is in your best interest to do so sooner rather than later. Read more