Microfibre Flat Mopping: What It Is and Why You Should Be Using It

To many people, a mop is a mop; it’s essentially a utensil that cleans the floor when dipped in water, right?

However, as a janitor, you will need to have a full set of different mops and cleaning products within your arsenal to tackle any dirt and grime that you come across. One such mop that many new janitors forget about is the microfibre flat mop, which should be considered an essential in any janitors cleaning collection.

What Is a Microfibre Mop

The main question that comes to mind when encountering flat mops is “how do they differ from standard mops?”.


Microfibre mops are incredibly efficient at attracting moisture and dirt and, what’s more, they’re better for the environment with regards to your use of water and harsher cleaning chemicals.

This is all thanks to the way in which the microfibres of the mop are designed; they are created from polyester and nylon fibres. These fibres are woven together in a net-like pattern which is perfect for grabbing onto and removing any dirt and grime that it comes into contact with, and can get into those hard to reach places which traditional mops may not be able to.

What Are the Benefits?

So, aside from being incredibly efficient at grabbing dirt from hard to reach places, why should you have a microfibre flat mop in your possession as a janitor?

Firstly, they are great for those janitors who are looking to reduce the amount of water that they use when cleaning. The fibres don’t need as much water as standard cotton to be effective, so you can use less while cleaning and still have a superior clean.


They can also help you with being more productive. Rather than standing around focusing on one area and then having to wring the water out of your traditional mop, the flat mop doesn’t need wringing out or dipping in more water during use. This means you can focus more on cleaning the floor than changing dirty water.

Microfibre flat mops are also great for ergonomics; they are lightweight and easy to manoeuvre in comparison to the traditional mop. This is perfect for those janitors who have trouble bending or lifting heavy objects, and are also easier on the joints when used.

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