JaniWrap ‘NOT IN SERVCE’ Urinal Covers

Now available from CS4UK, JaniWrap covers are the unique solution to ensure that you maintain a beautiful and clean perception to visitors, sealing in unwanted sights and odours. They can stay in place indefinitely but release clean and easily. This is the ultimate solution to putting sanitary fixtures out of service – beautifully and effectively.


These environments should have the highest of washroom standards and we at CS4UK believe that JaniWrap is a vital part of maintaining washroom hygiene, convenience and safety at a professional level. We achieve this through our wealth of experience and our wide range of quality washroom supplies and consumables.

The Washroom Experience

Washroom supplies and consumables play a key part in the overall experience of visiting the washroom, playing an essential role in making a positive impression on your clients, visitors, students and employees. However when facilities are dis-functioning it is even more important to maintain a professional appearance – this is why JaniWrap is so important for you and your clients. Not only can it be used for urinals, you can apply it on toilets and basins too!



Superior washroom solutions create a more professional feel and appearance. Not only is it imperative that you have a fully stocked, clean and easily accessible washroom, but also being ready for the unexpected and times when things might not just work the way they should. When you have JaniWrap to hand you can rest assured that you have the solution you need. CS4UK have been trading and supplying washroom solutions for 25 years and as experts in our field, we understand the need for high quality supplies to complement the washroom at competitive prices.

It is so easy to apply

How to app

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