Hand with glove showing thumb up sign against clean toilet

Why Is It Important to Use Industrial Cleaning Supplies?

Keeping a clean bathroom is an absolute must. If a bathroom, whether that be in your own home or toilets in the education and health sector, isn’t maintained on a regular basis, there could be some serious consequences.

At home, we are used to products such as Flash or general cleaning products that cut down on grime and muck, but why is it so important to use industrial cleaning supplies in public sectors?

It Prevents Health Hazards

The most important reason is that it can prevent illnesses and disease. If you don’t keep specific areas clean, your customers might be facing a genuine health hazard. Dirty environments can harbour nasty bacteria which can lead to illness, so it is essential that cleanliness is maintained.

Cleaning up a spillage with cleaning products

It Keeps Areas Fresh

It’s great to keep things clean, but what about keeping them fragrant? Some cleaning products don’t have a scent, so once the area is clean, there is no detectable scent that is left behind, which could be discouraging, or it could give people the impression that the area wasn’t cleaned at all.

The cleaning products that we provide at CS4 UK can cut through any form of dirt and mess, but they also have that “just cleaned” smell, meaning that, once the bathroom is clean, you can tell that our cleaning products have done an excellent job.


They Prevent Cross Contamination

This is especially important in schools and in hospitals; cross contamination in these sectors is one of the leading causes of illness, especially with conditions such as the flu. When children sneeze into their hands and don’t properly clean them, they are passing on bacteria into the bathroom, such as the taps and other things that they might have touched.

In hospitals, if doctors and nurses haven’t properly cleaned their hands, then they could pass on seriously dangerous viruses and bacteria to colleagues and even patients. As such, it is vital to ensure that hand sanitisers are installed in bathrooms to prevent this. In hospitals, they are placed by every door, encouraging use before entering and leaving wards.

Hand with glove showing thumb up sign against clean toilet

It Raises Morale

If you are constantly working in an environment, or near one, that is persistently dirty, then it will most likely bring down the morale of you and your colleagues; they are more likely to be off work if the premises are constantly dirty.

By keeping a tight check on workplace cleanliness, you will notice a positive change in your colleagues’ behaviour and morale.

It is incredibly important to ensure that the premises that you are working in are clean at all times. At CS4 UK, we are responsible for providing the highest quality janitorial supplies to schools across the UK. If you would like to know more information, then please don’t hesitate to contact us. Just give us a call on 0800 107 7729 and we will be more than happy to discuss any questions that you may have.