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Floorcare supplies for schoolsMany people think that floor care solutions are a cost that is not necessarily needed, however pursuing a clean environment and floor will help you to save on floor maintenance over time, as well as helping you to comply with health and safety standards.

Health and safety is a key player in keeping your floor clean. Your workplace floor can create a great first impression or a terrible one, so it is vital to keep the appearance and cleanliness of your floors to the highest of standards.

An unclean floor can also be a huge slip and trip hazard. Be sure to speak to one of our specialists to find out what specific type of floor care solution product you need for a type of floor. At CS4UK, we have a great range of products to keep your floors sparkling clean and in a healthy hygienic condition. Our floor care solutions range from floor cleaning chemicals, polishers and maintainers, floor cleaning maintenance signs, traditional mops and squeegees, to simple brushes and brooms.

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Commercial floorcare protection productsThe Importance of Floor Care Solutions

You have over 50 direct and indirect forms of contact with the workplace floor every day, whether this be tying your shoelace, placing a bag or picking it up, or simply walking. An unhygienic floor could spread germs to all sorts of places. After a week, approximately 421,000 units of bacteria can develop on the bottom of your shoes. Therefore, the correct floor care is vital, and it’s important to keep on top of it at all times.

The healthiest way to stop the spreading of pathogens and disease is through effective and thorough cleaning of floors. One main key way to keep on top of your floors and carpets is to do routine deep cleans, which can remove dirt, kill germs, preserve quality, appearance and eliminate odours.

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Keeping a clean, well maintained floor is essential for maintaining a healthy and happy workplace, and at CS4UK we specialise in providing superior floor care that will ensure the proper maintenance of your workplace floor. Whatever product you need, don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss your needs and specifications.