Kitchen towels

Essential School Catering Supplies That You Need

Catering supplies are incredibly important in maintaining a clean kitchen or cooking environment, as well as being useful items to have around. However, there are a few school catering supplies that you always need to have to hand to ensure that the students and all who work within the school are happy, clean and healthy.

Kitchen Paper and Rolls

In the case of an emergency, such as a spilled drink or some food that has exploded, kitchen rolls are great for cleaning up spillages; they are incredibly effective in absorbing liquids. Think about it like this; if you have a spill and you don’t have any cleaning products at your disposal, you will have wished for some kitchen paper to deal with the mess quickly and effectively

Whether it’s dried on dirt or a liquid spill, using kitchen paper’s incredible absorbency will make the task of cleaning an easy one.

Beverage Items

Some people are incredibly keen on having a cup of tea of coffee in the morning or during lunch time, so they would be very thankful if there are lots of beverage items in the cupboards. Everything from coffee, tea, and mugs to things like sugar and milk are essentials that should always be stocked up in the cupboards.

Coffee cup on a table

Cleaning Products

This ties in with the kitchen roll that we mentioned previously. Kitchen paper can quickly clear up any spillages and any bits of food that are present, but they do not get rid of the bacteria that will be present on that specific work surface.

To make sure that no bacteria spreads through the students and staff within the school, cleaning products are an absolute must to ensure a clean and hygienic environment. These products can be anything from work surface cleaners to dishwashing tablets to clean the dirty dishes and mugs that have been used throughout the day.

Cleaning a spill on a brown couch

Cutlery and Other Utensils

Schools are expected to provide cooked meals to hundreds of students every day, so it is important to always ensure that the caterers have enough plates, napkins, tissues, cutlery, and other important supplies to make sure that every student and staff member is fully catered for.

The cleaning products also link to this, as the school cleaners will need enough cleaning products to ensure that the work surfaces are properly cleaned, as well as the cutlery and everything else that is used when preparing or serving food.

Food being prepared

These products will greatly benefit everyone that works and visits your school or educational institution, especially when it comes to maintaining cleanliness and high level of hygiene. At CS4 UK, we specialise in providing and supplying high quality catering and cleaning supplies to schools across the UK, as well as providing premium cleaning products to ensure that hygiene is a top priority.

If you would like to know more information, then please don’t hesitate to contact us. Just give us a call today on 0800 107 7729 and one of our incredibly friendly members of staff will be more than happy to help.