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CS4 school cleaning products companyCleaning products are the basis of any hygiene standards and as an experienced cleaning product supplier we understand that having cleaning products for the working environment is of the utmost importance to maintain a clean, hygienic and pleasant atmosphere.

Here at CS4UK, we have a variety of cleaning products to suit all your needs and requirements. Ranging from surface cleaners, laundry care products, automatic air fresheners and specialist cleaning chemicals, we have everything you could need.




Cleaning Products for a Hygienic Work Environment

A clean workspace means a safe workspace and with our top-of-the-range cleaning products, you can have a hygienic workspace that is free from dirt and bacteria, which in turn creates happy and healthy employees, students and visitors.

Good disinfectant can prevent the spreading of germs, flu and illnesses. By using our EPA registered cleaning products, you can stop germs in their tracks and make room for a clean, germ-free environment.

CS4 cleaning products suppliersA general clean and tidy working environment can create a lighter and brighter area for students, employees and visitors. Clean light fixtures, stairways and corridors can ensure a more open and vibrant space and are also a big part of preventing accidents and maintaining a safe work place.

A clean, healthy working space will increase morale and can subconsciously encourage collective work and boost hard work and motivation.

A Wide Range of Products from a Leading Cleaning Products Company

We provide numerous cleaning products which may be useful to you within your environment and needs. A quality whiteboard cleaner is an essential cleaning product for schools and educational institutions, while specialised laundry products and window cleaning equipment may be essential for other commercial environments. At CS4UK, we can help you to find the products to suit your exact requirements.

Whether specific products are needed or you require general cleaning products such as air fresheners or cleaning dusters, CS4UK can provide you with exactly what you require, as well as working to fit your timeframe and budget.