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3 Essential Industrial and Commercial Cleaning and Maintenance Products

It doesn’t matter what industry you are in, keeping clean is essential for staying healthy and happy in the workplace. Schools, factories, warehouses – they all require some form of cleaning regimen to make them safe to work in, and this often comes hand in hand with a maintenance routine, too.

In order to be able to clean an environment well enough to help stop the spread of illness and disease, as well as keep it safe, you need to invest in cleaning and maintenance supplies that you know will work.

Being specialists in this area, we know three items that you are definitely going to want to have to hand to help you keep your workplace clean!

Workshop Wiper Rolls

Spillages are always going to happen; even the most careful of people will eventually experience something spilling during their life.

Workshop wiper rolls

However, whatever is spilt, it’s important to soak up the liquid and clear the spillage as soon as possible the minimise any accidents which may occur – or even allow any bacteria to spread onto the surface.

Using a wiper roll, you’ll be able to quickly remove any liquid and clean the area of any mess, reducing the chances of any accidents occurring as a result of the spillage, such as a slip or fall. You can also use these absorbent paper towels with antibacterial cleaner to clear up any residue to make double sure that the surface is completely clean.

Hand Cleanser

Handwashing is a daily essential for everyone – whether you’re in a workplace or not. Your hands are constantly coming into contact with germs and bacteria, many of which can make you ill if you ingest them or are exposed to them. Washing hands is just one way to help reduce the chances of your becoming sick.

Contrary to popular belief, simply washing your hands with warm water doesn’t thoroughly clean them and there will still be bacteria clinging to your skin. The only way you can be sure that you’re getting rid of these germs and bacteria is to wash with hand wash and using the proper handwashing techniques.

Deb hand wash bottle

Using a soap such as Deb Pure Wash, you’ll get a pure clean, without any overpowering perfume smell or unnatural dyes, making it perfect for those with sensitive skin! This is something that you should be thinking about if you are using soap in a public restroom – not everyone’s skin will react the same to soaps!

Socket Extensions

It’s one of those issues that everyone has come up against at some point – the lead of your electrical items simply won’t stretch as far as you need.

While this is incredibly frustrating, it is also quite dangerous; taught, trailing leads pose a trip hazard, as well as being bad for the health of the cable, too.

Instead of trying to manoeuvre your hoover a specific way to reach that awkward corner because your lead is too short, buy a socket extension. Not only will these allow you to use your electrical goods further away from the wall socket, but you’ll be less likely to trip over the wire – but we do recommend keeping an eye out for the cable as it will still be trailing on the floor!

Are you ensuring that your workplace is as clean and safe as possible? CS4 UK can help! Please feel free to get in touch with us today if you’d like us to help you by providing the best cleaning and maintenance products in the UK.